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I grew up in town and attended Park Ridge schools (Washington, Mary Seat of Wisdom and Maine South). My wife and I have been married for 35 years, and are the proud parents of two children who have also grown up in Park Ridge. I'm also extremely happy to report that my wife and I have recently taken on the new title of Grandparents. 

As the son of Italian immigrants who came to America so their children could have a better life, I watched my parents work tirelessly to ensure our family was able to prosper in this new country and live in a community like Park Ridge. My wife and I shared a similar vision for our children, which is why we decided to raise our own family in Park Ridge in 1992. 

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Goals & Objectives

Short Term

1.  Evaluate the current services provided by the city clerk’s office and identify any opportunities for improvement. A critical first step in this process is a white-boarding session with the City Manager, Deputy City Clerk and other stakeholders to verify what's working well and to identify specific opportunities for improvement. This evaluation period and possible implementation of improvements would utilize existing technology, and therefore could be conducted without increasing taxes or imposing additional costs for taxpayers.  

2.  Improve communication of available City Clerk Services to residents.  In my efforts to obtain signatures for my petition, I was amazed at how many residents had little or no idea of the services provided by the city clerk’s office.  There is tremendous room for improvement and education here, and from day one I will work with city staff to achieve this objective.  


3.  Develop Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) with annual objectives for the city clerk’s office along with ways to measure progress toward those objectives​.  While elections are the ultimate performance review for elected officials, establishing annual KPIs for the city clerk's office will help keep stakeholders focused on continuous improvement and mitigate the chances of complacency.


4.  Improve voter turnout for local elections. Having run in a few local elections, I’ve been disappointed in the decreasing amount of voter turnout. The last city council contested election (2019) saw a turnout of slightly over 13%. In order to improve voter turnout, we need to first determine why registered voters in our community are less and less likely to vote in local elections.

5.  Improve local election campaign integrity. From my own experience, in addition to a general observance of recent local elections, the integrity of campaigns has digressed- or it seems that the enforcement of the municipal rules and ordinances relative to local campaigns has become more relaxed. To improve, this may require nothing more than stricter enforcement of the rules and educating prospective candidates.

6.  Complete training (at my own expense, without using taxpayer dollars) for a Certified Municipal Clerk designation with the IIMC (International Institute of Municipal Clerks). 

7.  Join Municipal Clerks of Illinois organization. One of the primary benefits of joining such an organization is to network with counterparts from other municipalities when searching for best practices.   

Long Term

1.  The importance of transparency, efficiency and data accessibility is greater now than ever for residents and community leaders.  To that end, I believe there is value in taking a deeper dive into the capabilities of Granicus, a system the city currently uses to generate meeting agendas and live stream various meetings for the public's viewing.  The Granicus system has other municipal automation tools that are currently not utilized. The suggested project would evaluate the feasibility and cost benefit of adding some of those capabilities, such as: automated generation and digital distribution of meeting minutes, resident self serve solutions, records management & retention tools, and automated communication via email, text and social media to citizens.   

Once the evaluation phase of the project is complete, the results (including recommendations, if any) will be presented to the city council for their support and approval to make the financial investment.

2.  Continue my municipal clerk education (at my own expense without using taxpayer dollars) and pursue a Master Municipal Clerk designation through training offered by IIMC.   



If you have any questions, please send me an email.


Thank you,

Sal Raspanti


PHONE:  (847) 318-5204


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